Our Philosophy

Our weekday program is a carefully and thoughtfully designed program that offers positive growing experiences for preschoolers. An excellent staff composed of an experienced director and degreed teachers, encourages preschoolers to develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each class provides a loving and trusting environment where the positive guidance and developmentally appropriate activities are provided. In addition, it is our goal to strengthen families.

Our Schedule

Westoak Woods Preschool operates Tuesday through Friday during the school year, from 9:00am until 1:00pm. We offer classes for one year olds through four year olds. The days a child attends depends on their age:

Older Ones: Wednesdays and Fridays

Younger Ones: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Older Twos: Wednesdays and Fridays

Younger Twos: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Threes: Tuesday - Friday or two days

Fours (Pre K) - Tuesday - Friday

Our Curriculum

Westoak Woods Preschool utilizes the Weekday Early Education Learning Curriculum as the foundational curriculum. Other resource books are available for additional support. WEE Learn is centered on units of study lasting 1-2 weeks. Age appropriate activities are used for learning centers. Large group experiences are also used to extend learning. Children are given the opportunity to orally express their own ideas. Children are encouraged to solve problems on their own under the wise observation of teachers. In addition, teachers work individually with children daily while carefully noting progress.

We believe that preschoolers learn through their senses. Every effort is made to incorporate a multi-sensory teaching method, so that all learning styles are accommodated. Children are never pressured to learn beyond what they are ready to learn.

Our weekday preschool is a ministry of Westoak Woods Baptist Church. Age appropriate spiritual activities are woven into our daily activities. A brief weekly chapel is conducted for the three and four year old classes. Our goal is to develop a healthy, positive concept within the children, as well as an awareness that they are loved by God.

Our Staff

Our weekday preschool director, Lynda Sanders, brings years of experience in guiding preschoolers and in directing a succcessful preschool program. Mrs. Sanders is not only well known in the Austin area for her accoplishments as a preschool director, but has taught statewide preschool conferences. Her understanding of preschool development is essential to our effective program.

Degreed teachers provide a relaxed, flexible environment where learning activities are presented as they explore and play. Classes are arranged with learning centers, including blocks and other manipulatives, dramatic play, art, home living, science and music. Field trips are frequently a part of the three and four-year-olds' units of study. Our teachers meet the state requirements for continuing education, CPR, and First-Aid training. A low student/teacher ratio and spacious classrooms enhance the quality of our program.

Our Playground

Believing that physical and motor development is important to mental development that affects life-long abilities, Westoak Woods Baptist Preschool provides a playground with a playscape for climbing, sliding and pretending, a sand play area, a swing area, a tricycle path, and a playhouse.  Daily outdoor play is considered an important part of the curriculum and development of each child. Safety for each child has been incorporated into the design of the playground, which is restricted to preschool age children.


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